Backgrounds, Backgrounds and More Backgrounds.

Before I begin with my usual blog post I do just want to briefly talk about what’s been going on in the world in relation to discrimination against black people. As a white person I think it’s important to use our voices and our postion of privelage to speak out against those who perpetuate systemic racism and not to speak for, but to support oppressed, minority groups. The blatant, indiscreet and unwarranted attacks on people of colour by the police is truly disgusting and shameful. Please support those who are in need of our help wether it’s donating to charities, attending BLM rallies, posting on social media channels on these issues, speaking up in conversations or educating yourself by reading or watching media on these related topics. Being ignorant is a choice and all lives matter when black lives matter.

What have I been up to over the last few weeks? Well well well. Previously I showed you a bunch of character designs that I had completed for my upcoming children’s animation and now I’ve illustrated the some of the backgrounds of the world they will be living in! I’m really excited to show you this stuff and I’m really pleased with how they have turned out. I’m getting better at lighting and colour and now I’ve taught myself 1 and 2 point perspective! Hoorah! Let’s take a look.

This is the establishing shot of Chuckleberry Forest. Ignore the bottom part, that is just for a transition up through the canopy. I’ve made sure to stick to the same colour theme throughout each shot for consistency’s sake.

This is one of the first shots where they are chilling out by the river the Leonard the frog comes running in over the bridge to tell them about something important in a blind panic. I won’t spoil it though 😉

This one took a while but I loooove the colours I came up with. It feels kind of cosy and I love that green. This is ‘the ruined forest’ and it’s a panning shot so I needed to exapand for that. Apples.

And the last image I am going to show you is the tree house! This is where the main characters live. They can access it via a lift on the side and there’s also a spiral stair case that goes up through the middle of the trunk. This was my first real experience using perspective guides which I really wanted to learn for backgrounds such as this one and especially interior shots of rooms. It wasn’t actually that hard to learn once you know how it works!

If you want a little insight on how I create these backgrounds I uploaded a video to my Youtube channel of a speedpaint for Ruined Forest Background. Like I have mentioned before I am going to be more active on Youtube and posting videos every week on tutorials, speed paints, reviews and more so make sure to subscribe! This was taken from my Twitch channel where I stream 6 days a week!

AND if you want a little peek into the character rigging process in Toon Boom Harmony you can check out the video below, aslo on my Youtube channel.

Well, that’s all I got for this month. I am currently working on some backgrounds for a guy’s animation so I’ll be posting some of those in the next blog. Have a good day and stay safe! BWAAYY!

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