I Got Nominated for an Award!

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Hi there! Another blawg post for ya.

Something pretty coooool things happened this month. In work I got nominated for a ‘Lamb Award’ which is for rising talent as part of the British Animation Awards for excelling as a rigging artist, sponsored by Disney. Not bad aye! I’m not expecting to win but it felt really good being nominated.

With another month comes another art challenge I did in work. This time around we had to take the characters from the show we are working on, Luo Bao Bei, and mash them up with another film or TV show so that was a laugh. I went for the Studio Ghibli film ‘My Neighbour Totoro’. I luuuurve the art from those shows. Each background is like a beautiful watercolour painting and the stories and characters are really original. Here be the result:

For this I used a scene from the film as a reference, where there they are all on a log above the water. I tried my best to replicate that water colour aesthetic. I don’t normally paint in that style so it was nice to adapt to something else and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I took colour samples from the original and used the to paint with and then had a load of ‘vegatationy’ brushes that I downloaded a while back so they came in reaaaal handy. For Pink Bear (Totoro) and Mao Mao the cat, I more or less copied the position they were in but with LBB (the girl) I just went with a posture I made up because I didn’t want it to be an exact copy. I might as well show you the image it was based off.

Then on Instagram I was pleasantly surprised to see that the mother of the actress who plays the Danish version of LBB wanted to buy my print because her daughter loves ‘My Neighbour Totoro’, so I hooked her up!

Now that the LBB project is coming to and end there’s going to be a production break so I’m going to have some free time which will be nice because I can be a bit more active on instagram and do some more illustrations which I’ll be streaming on Twitch so stay tuned for that. I will also get more time to work on my personal animation which is still in the early stages of the animatic.

I really want to try and post more regularly on instagram too and it’s something I’m trying to get better at so that will mean doing more simple, quick illustrations rather than fully blown big illustrations but I’ll still do those too. This is one I did a couple of weeks back based on a doodle I did.

I’ve stuck this on my online shop l because I figured it could make for a cute little shirt design for someone maybe?

Red Bubble

Oh yeah aaand I am voicing one of the characters on the show I’m working on! It’s only one line or so but pretty cool!

Until next time. Stay arty. Buh bye now.

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