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I have no ideas for the title sorry. It’s been a while! I’ve been working my ass off in work recently and haven’t had the energy to post on the regs but look here I am posting. Huzzah!

I’ve been struggling to stay motivated recently and crack on with personal projects but recently I’m getting better at this, hence this blog I’m writing that nobody reads! It’s nice to get words down though. Kind of theraputic.

Any way, remember that art challenge I was going on about in the last blog? Well there’s been 2 more since. These challenges are great because it makes me smash out an illustration whereas I might not if these challenges weren’t happening.

The first one was ‘Cloth Cat’ which is the company name. It’s not that imaginitive but I went all out and did a 30 second animation for it. I wanted to practice my animation in Toon Boom so this was a good opportunity.

I took the logo and made cloth cat into a full animated character and used only the 2 colours. This was harder than I first thought because you have to think about what elements are going to be blue and what’s going to be white so they don’t blend into each other. For example space doesn’t make sense to be white because space is dark but if I made the sea of the Earth blue I had to put a white outline round the Earth so that it didn’t look like white shapes floating in space if that makes any sense…. Still with me? I did learn some stuff doing this so that was noice.

The second challenge is one that just finished and the theme was ‘enchanted’ so I did this spoopy illustration with a fantasy element because I just love fantasy stufffff. HERE IT IS LOOK.

Normally I focus on the characters because that’s what I enjoy most but this time I started the background first and put a bit more effort in than I usually do. I went for this ghostly blue colour to fill the scene and I’ve not had much experience playing with lighting so it was nice to give it a bosh. I also downloaded some new Photoshop brushes to help me with the bushes, trees and grasssss.

In other news I have an Etsy store yaaay. I’m going to get round to adding it to the site. I also updated my Red Bubble and Society 6 stores. I don’t get many sales at all but hopefully with time it will get better as I add more stuff who knows!


I’m working on a big personal project at the moment and have just got a bunch of voice recording stuff done so will be speaking about this next yeaaaar. BYE NOW!! MERRY XMAS!! (Oh yeah xmas art challenge coming up next). BWAY!

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