I Have a Job in an Animation Studio Now..

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I have a job in an animation studio now..

Wow I have really been been neglecting this blog but for a good reason. I am finally working in an animation studio. Hoorah! It’s the biggest animation production studio in Wales and we are working on a kids cartoon.

My job is rigging so I take the characters, props and backgrounds and rig them for the animators to use. It’s quite a niche role but an extremely important one. My aim is to do a couple of years in rigging and then move onto design because that’s where my real passion lies.

I have been working 9-6 in the weekdays which hasn’t really given me any time to do anything else, which is why I haven’t been doing much illustration lately. I did however take part in an illustration challenge in work which was based around the theme word ‘circus’. This gave me the opportunity to rework an old piece I did. Check them out below!

Old one.
New one.

I am hoping they do more challenges like this because I find them a lot of fun!

I am still slowly working on my personal animation script and making some script changes and fleshing it out a bit more. Until next time, keep creating!

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