Tales of Chuckleberry Forest – THE RETURN and Other Fun News.

Tales of Chuckleberry Forest – THE RETURN and Other Fun News.

It’s been a while. I have been to America for a month so haven’t had a chance to catch up but now I’m back!

Many moons ago when I started to teach myself Toon Boom Harmony I decided I wanted to make animation short based on a webcomic I had made. For the animation I made 52 backgrounds on Adobe Illustrator and then designed and rigged 6 characters in Toon Boom as a way of learning the software. I had everything I needed pretty much. I had the art, the script and the voices but then I kind of just stopped…

One of the many backgrounds.

Now after probably a couple of years I have decided to get back into the animation and I completely redesigned the characters to make them easier to animate and at the same time make them more visually appealing. I remember getting in touch with one of my lecturers from University and I asked her about what makes a good pitch for an animated TV show. She had her criticisms such as the characters not looking great for kids TV. I think making them look cuter and increase the size of their heads was mentioned.

Looking back, I came to the realisation that these first character rigs that I made were not as ‘animatable’ as they could have been and I think that was one of the reasons progress stopped. Now after having more practice with Toon Boom I feel like I am in a much better place to start working on it again and I think that break was probably a good thing in the long run. Here are those old character turnarounds:

I am happy with the initial designs and I think they would make great cartoon characters, however, for a kids show they don’t need to be as complicated. Simplicity works well for kids shows and so I went in that direction. Not only was this a plus in terms of visual style but it would be more time efficient. Here are the new designs.

I kept 2 of the characters the same just because I liked them a lot but the main characters have had quite a drastic make-over. I got rid of the hands to give them almost a Power Puff Girls look but I think they are much more appealing to kids now too and they’re cute! :3 That sound track is from ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’ by the way. An awesome game if you’re into that sort of thang.


I AM MAKING A VIDEO GAME. A friend of mine from America who is a programming wizz approached me last year and asked if I wanted to get on board and co create a video game and do the art. Over the last year we have been playing around with some ideas and experimenting with various softwares but we have finally settled on something and started designing. When I visited the US we took down a bunch of notes and went through the story and mechanics. I’m not going to give much away but it’s going to be a real cute looking top down 2D adventure fantasy role-playing game that involves transforming an island from polluted, hazardous and miserable into an energy efficient, self sufficient paradise! There will also be lots of fun creatures and quests. I will announce more updates as they come. SPEAK SOON BAI X.

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