Make your Illustrations MOVE on Instagram!

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Make your Illustrations MOVE on Instagram!

I watched this video the other day. The Bam Animation YouTube channel is really cool and super helpful for animators!

This particular one was about Instagram animation. If you love doing illustrations and animation why not make your work move! It’s so true. I have been doing lots of illustration but haven’t really thought about animating them until I saw this. Some illustrations might be best left alone but some always gets more attention that something not moving!

Adding motion to your drawings doesn’t have to anything complex if you don’t want it to be. Something maybe like a breathing and blinking motions or even a walk cycle or something (if it’s character animation).

I took this all on board and I wanted to start animating for instagram more. Let’s rewind a bit. A few weeks back I had the opportunity to do a 5 day animation course hosted by an animation studio local to me, Cloth Cat Studios. The animation course was specifically about a 2D animation software called Celaction that more and more studios are starting to use including Cloth Cat. You can’t get this software online or find any tutorial vids on it so I was delighted when I found out my application for the training course was accepted and it meant I could reinforce my CV.

Anywhos, where am I going with this? Ah yes during the course I got to try the Wacom Cintique which is a display tablet that I reeealllly wannnt and am saving up for. I did a little doodle with it just to test it out and came up with this design of a frog pulling around a toad because he had a broken leg. I liked it so saved it to a USB and took it home (wish I could have taken that Cintique home).

So after seeing that video above I thought it was a good idea to take that doodle and make it a fully fledged animated loop video that would be perfect for Instagram! I jumped on Toonboom and started rigging it up. I only had to rig the parts I wanted moving but the rig turned out to be a bit more complex than I originally thought, despite only being an Instagram animation!

I made sure the animation could fit into a square ratio because I wanted to use Instagram’s default square format. I finally finished and am pretty happy with it! here is the finished piece:

This was also a good opportunity to continue practicing animating and animating in Toon Boom. Playing with weight, momentum and speed was also fun to get involved with.

I had no idea how originally how I would go about animating the wheels and thought I’d cross that bridge when I got there. I had a look online though and Stylus Rumble had a dedicated video on animating wheels in Toon Boom and it’s great! Check it out below.

So there we have it! You can check out the loop cycle on my Instagram. Do more little animations on Instagram folks! It’s fun! 😀

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