Farewell Ink Lines..

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Farewell Ink Lines…

I have been away for a while mainly because I have just moved and had to wait for the internet to be set up but I am back now. Huzzah!

I was watching some paint tutorials online and this inspired me to make a picture without using bold ink lines like I normally do. I am not saying there is anything wrong with using ink lines but I think practising using just colour will improve my skills as an artist. I will still use ink lines but I want to do more without them as well.

Here is the illustration I am talking about:

The Knight and Dragon are besties!

I kept the highlights and shading soft without going into too much detail so that it’s easier on the eye but also it’s my first time! I am pretty pleased with it! I don’t think I have ever spent this much time creating an illustration. Normally I could just use a line to separate out the different parts of the image but here I had to use just colour and tone and it was rrrrather tricky but definitely worth it!

Here is a progression video of the creation process from my Instagram page.

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