Meet the Doodlets…and some Twitch Stuff

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Meet the Doodlets…and some Twitch Stuff

Oh hello. We are finally getting some really nice weather here in the UK so a perfect opportunity to stay inside and write this blog post!

I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking about starting a Twitch art stream so that I can improve my art work while chatting to people, and to help me stay motivated to draw. For those who don’t know, Twitch is a streaming site which was originally designed for gamers who want to stream their gaming to viewers using screen capture software. These days it is used for a lot more than just games and people also use it to record their creative projects such as drawing, painting, sculpting etc. and much more!

I am pretty new to Twitch so have been nosing about and checking out other art streams and game streams to see what features they include to help them interact with their community and make it appeal to viewers.

The main software people use to stream is OBS which links with your Twitch account and records what is ever on your screen but there is a lot more things it can do like have your webcam in the corner, display latest followers or donations and have an attractive overlay that goes over the top to contain all these features. It’s probably better if  I just show you my overlay that I made in Photoshop.

Obviously this overlay isn’t featuring any content but the purple areas will be replaced with Photoshop where I will be illustrating characters or whatever that people can watch live. The bottom left will have my webcam pointing at my face and above it will show an overview of the drawing area so people can see what I am drawing more easily when I am zoomed in working on the finer details. Then you have the social links at the bottom, including what I am listening to on Spotify at the time and at the top shows latest followers etc. Top left has some past portfolio work so people can just see what I have worked on in the past.

There are a good number of creative streamers on Twitch so I have no idea if people would actually show up to the party but hey worth a try to see what happens! I think it would be fun to chat with people who have an interest in art!

Apart from the on-screen features there is also a description section underneath showing streaming schedule, social media links, donation links, about me etc. It’s nuts to think some people stream full-time for a living and make good money off it. That’s not my intention however, I just want to get my art out there but making money doing it? Well who wouldn’t want that really!

In this description section you can have nice little title images so I came up with some simple little characters that would go alongside them just to make the page more attractive and appealing. I am calling them ‘The Doodlets ‘..ya know because of doodling. Let me introduce you to them.



This guy is called Ghas. He is pretty strange. Some people think that he is farting in this image. Well … they are right. He is. It’s pretty vulgar but he does suffer from a lot of built up wind and releases it frequently, but to be fair, it works in his favour because he can use it to fly AND it doesn’t smell because Doodlets farts don’t smell. FACT. Out of all of the Doodlets he is probably the angriest one but he is not that bad really, mostly just a bit impatient and irritable but I mean who wouldn’t be with all that excessive wind?



This is Flumps. She is just great in every way. She is always happy and smiling and just wants to help others in any way she can. It’s flippin’ adorable. Doodlets can’t speak they just grunt and Flumps has these high pitched squeaks she lets out, especially when she is excited. The only thing she likes more than receiving gifts is giving gifts. She’s a big hugger too. If you ever want to feel better just hang around Flumps and you’re all good. Ghas is still learning to be a hugger.



Maan Slicky is one cooool dude. He can make anything look cool. I mean, look at him. That tash with those sun glasses, and look at that hair. He keeps his comb in his top hat but rarely needs it because his hair has this amazing ability to keep its shape even after being under a hat for a long period of time. He has a large collection of scarves but they are all the same colour. He is constantly suggesting new costume ideas to the other Doodlets but generally they like to stay unclothed. He is actually responsible for Flump’s bear costume and she loves it! I want to be this guy!



Skits is…different. He is extremely hyper and most of the time just confused. You don’t really want to leave Skits with any tasks that require responsibility because it won’t end well. You may recognise him from the overlay graphic I designed above. He goes well with the colour scheme. His favourite thing is going fast and he is very squishy so it’s almost impossible for him to get hurt which is nice!



Bryan is gender neutral. They are extremely shy and bashful, but slowly coming out of their shell. One of the reasons Bryan is so shy is probably because they are covered in spikes and this isolates them slightly (I think Bryan is related to cacti). Flumps is actually working on a method that help her hug Barry without getting hurt by their spikes so Slicky may have to upgrade her bear suit. I think this would help Barry a lot. Despite Barry’s bashfulness they are actually the strongest in the group so if they find themselves in a fight (which they try to avoid) then Barry is the one to deal with the situation. Falling on the enemy normaly resolves the situation.

Well that’s the Doodlets. I am sure there will be more in the future so get subscribed! On the next post I will be talking about recreating versions of past art to make them look bettereererr with a visual example. Cheerio!


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