Upping the Detail!

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Upping the Detail!

Ello! I just wanted to talk about my latest illustration that I did. It’s probably the most time I have spent on a drawing because I wanted to throw a load of detail in there. Here it is!

I think I must have spent over 30 hours on this. When I first started putting pen to paper I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to draw. I love going in with no initial plans.

As I started drawing a character running, I decided to go for a fun adventure, fantasy, story book scene that when looked would raise questions such as ‘what’s happening?’, ‘what are they running from?’, ‘who are they?’. I love images that tell a story and grabs the viewers attention with questions like that and gets them intrigued! I think that’s a big motivation for me to finish an illustration. Sharing it with people!

I’ll break down this image a bit and go into my thoughts I had when making it. Here you have a racoon in winter attire with an axe who has an almost lumberjack vibe crossed with an explorer but comical to look at because he is real scared. Look at his face! Protecting him is a muscular barbarian tree princess woman… or something like that. I was going to make her a dude but wanted to break the female stereotype a bit. She is protecting the racoon with her big ass shield. Those ice shards look like they could hurt! Moving on we have the kangaroo mage. He wasn’t old at first but then I thought it would be fun to make him so. I add more wrinkles around his face as time went on and added some potions and scrolls hanging from his belt so you could tell he dealt with potions and spells! In this image he looks concerned as he notices his friend is hanging on for dear life. I am not sure what he is but was thinking a potato and somebody said a peeled banana. I thought it would be fun to dress him up a bit and make him look cute 😀 Finally we have the dragon type creature on the ent princess’ shoulder shooting fire balls at whatever could be chasing them. They are wielding a staff and also deal with the magic arts. I mean it wouldn’t be fantasy without magic now would it!!

I thought about the background setting after the characters were done. It was a tossup between an autum forest and a snowy forest. I think I made the right choice though. What do you think? I’d like to have more practice with background art and I have started to learn about perspective recently so expect some more detailed backgrounds in the future! Really for images like this I think they should be as much of a character as the creatures in the scene!

Lastly I wanted to talk about Twitch.tv. For those who don’t know, Twitch is a streaming website that gamers mostly use but there are lots of other categories such as art that are very popular. It allows people to build a community and have people watch them, while they’re on camera. I have been streaming on there for a couple of months or so now and I am having so much fun with it. I get to create art and people get to chat with me while they watch the illustration come to life. Gaining viewers is hard and doesn’t happen over night. You need to put a lot of time into the stream but that’s a good thing because not only does it motivate me to do more art and improve, but I also get to build a community, get my art and animation out there and make friends! When I become more established I will definitely be doing a blog post all about it. I am slowly but surely getting more regular viewers and it’s so much fun to hang out with them while I draw.

Here is a speed paint of this illustration I stuck on my Youtube channel so you can see the progress sped up! It’s downloaded from my Twitch channel so that’s why that overlay with my face is there.

Next time I will be talking about my next illustration that I am currently working on, a new little toy that I have been wanting for a loooong time and a few other fun things. Tehehehe. Until next time!

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