Time to make some changes…

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Time to make some changes…

You may have noticed that I have made some adjustments to the DrawnSean website. It was a bit out of date and looking a bit… well amateurish and in need of some improvements.

I asked some successful artists for some advice and they pointed a few things out to me regarding my website and my art.

Sometimes I forget how important it is to get advice from others and to take that advice as fuel to improve rather than receive in a negative way. When you work on something for a long period of time it’s crucial to get some fresh eyes that something, whatever you may be working on, whether it’s a piece of art or a website. Now I look back at some of my work and think ‘Wow. That’s really rubbish’, or at least compared to what I am doing now. I acknowledge I am by no means the best artist in the world but if you want to be good at something you have to keep on practicing and just keep going.

This leads me onto my next point. My art. When I look at some of my images I genuinely think they are pretty good and worthy of my portfolio and worthy of a good children’s book, however, I know that I thought a similar thing when I put together a portfolio website 10 years ago. I have understood that it’s good to be positive about your own work yet realistic, and that’s where the critique of others really help, especially from those who are better than you. Don’t take it harshly but instead embrace it and let that information help you to improve moving forward.

One of the illustrators I mentioned works in a similar style to mine. Bright, cartoony illustrations aimed at children. He was indeed better than me but I felt like his skill level wasn’t a million miles away from mine and reaching it was deffinitely achievable. Anyway, I was speaking to him over email after getting in touch through Instaflam and he made some really good points. Those kind of points that you never really think are points at all until somebody makes a point ..of those points. Points. What I am trying to say is other people’s advice really wakes you up in terms of direction and where to improve. I think I can be stubborn sometimes when taking critique but I am learning more and more to take it in a much more positive light.

So, what are those points that he made, or rather, what was his critique? I will talk about my art first. The main thing he mentioned was to try and make my images less 2D looking and by that I think he means work on perspective and gesture (this is referring to organic shaped characters) to make them look more visually appealing, like the image is giving you the ingredients to create this fully animated scene in your brain . I completely agree with that point that he made and that’s something I will really keep in mind from now on. It’s just all about practice, practice, practice and everyone knows it but knowing it is something far far away from actually doing it. I have been drawing all my life (well until I could hold a drawing impliment). I am 31 now so that’s quite a long time. So if I have been drawing for 31 years, why isn’t my work astounding? It’s because I haven’t been practising enough in those 31 years. I don’t want to be too harsh on myself but drawing every day is going to get you a lot further than drawing once a week. At the moment I am drawing about once a week, sometimes less and this is something that really needs to change. Staying motivated is tough, or for me it is any way, which is why I am trying out different ways to stay motivated, which I shall go into more detail in a wee bit but basically I need to draw more and I love doing it so what’s stopping me from doing it moooaaar.

For the website, I was just going to update  the logo on the banner above and changed the background. They were looking a bit poo. Instead I gave the website a complete overhaul and made it cleaner looking with a fresh paint job. I have now started blogging on my actual wordpress site rather than on my tumbler and using a widget to show my tumblr stuff on my blog page which makes my old intergrated Tumblr blog is gone, which is a shame but the change will allow this blog to be more discoverable through Google search engine. You can check out my past blog entries here on my Tumblr. The gallery on my front page is now neater and more organized and I got rid of a few illustrations that don’t really strengthen my portfolio.

Over the next few weeks after I move I am going to be throwing some tutorial videos on my Youtube channel and starting an art Twitch stream so watch out for that. This will help me stay motivated and draw more. I also want to be more active on my blog and not just post an image every now and then. I want to develop my story not just through images but also words, which is why you are reading this large post.

Well that’s all for now. Speak soon, if anybody is actually reading this!


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